ICHSCA Compliance

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We have a single uninsured service, liver elastography for $80 – as this procedure is only performed when recommended by a physician and is not an “upsell”, no specific additional consent process is required


Written or verbal complaints of a general nature shall be investigated by management and a response will be supplied within 10 business days that details what has been done to resolve the complaint or reasons why the complaint is felt to be unfounded. Should the complaint allege harm or risk of harm, an immediate investigation shall occur. Complaint records shall be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

There is a Patient Ombudsman office that is the “office of last resort” for patient complaints, which may be used when all other avenues are exhausted.
See https://patientombudsman.ca for more information.

If an individual believes that they may have been charged for an insured service or for access to an insured service, they should contact the ministry’s Protecting Access to Public Healthcare program by e-mail at protectpublichealthcare@ontario.ca or by phone (toll-free) at 1-888-662-6613.