Test Preparations: Echocardiography

About echocardiograms

This non-invasive ultrasound scan (also called sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves (which are then converted to images) to give your doctor a look inside your heart without the use of radiation, and without surgery or other invasive procedure. Exam takes about 40 minutes.

Before the test

No preparation required.

During the test

You will be asked to take everything off from the waist up and put on a gown. The technologist will take you into the exam room.

The technician will place stickers with electrodes onto your chest to monitor the heart rhythm during the exam. You will then be asked to lie on the bed on your left side. The technologist will take various pictures of your heart from several different angles. You may hear the sound of the blood flow at various times during the test.

After the test

Once the test is completed, you are able to return to your normal activities.

Your requisition form

To avoid delays on the day of your test, ensure that you bring your health card and your requisition. Also, confirm that your doctor included the following on your requisition form:

  • Patient full name, sex, date of birth
  • Physician name and signature

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