Covid-19 - State of emergency information

1. Both clinics are open for Xray and Ultrasound and BMD. We are considered an Essential Service. OBSP Mammogram screening is closed, but diagnostic mammograms referred by your doctor will be performed.

2. Abbreviated opening hours as follows: 8AM-4PM Mon-Fr.

3. Due to cancellations, lots of bookings available. Please make sure to phone us if you are cancelling an appointment!

4. Increased cleaning protocols are in effect.

5. If you have a respiratory illness, please stay home. When you are quizzed at the door about any symptoms you may or may not have, please be honest.

6. Patients who need to may bring a companion including: children, patients with diminished autonomy, patients with serious physical issues, patients with mental health issues. All people accompanying patients will be questioned at the door with regard to symptoms.

7. Please bring your own reading material for the waiting room - magazines have been removed to reduce potential transmission vectors.

Fully digitized clinics with state-of-the-art equipment.
Experienced and caring staff focused on providing the best patient experience.
Radiologists who ensure that every test result produced is of the very highest quality.
This is Lighthouse Medical Imaging - your beacon in the field of diagnostic imaging care.

Lighthouse Medical Imaging is focused on offering high quality medical imaging and imaged guided procedures to patients and their physicians.

Each of our clinics is affiliated with the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP), providing screening mammograms by fully accredited technicians.